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In 1970, the Reedy Creek Improvement District (The District) developed codes and standards to both accommodate new and innovative methods and systems, and provide public safety criteria exceeding other available codes and standards. The EPCOT Building Codes exceed traditional regulations by setting forth design criteria for installations including thrill rides and amusement attractions and by requiring complete automatic sprinkler and detector systems in all buildings. Provisions applicable to motion picture and television sound stages, and more extensive than normal requirements for elevators, moving sidewalks and transporting devices, have also become a significant part of the EPCOT Building Codes.

Thanks to a provision mandating the consideration of alternative materials, systems, designs, and more, The District has become a leader in innovative construction. The provision has enabled numerous projects to proceed with the use of lesser known material, systems, and prototype installations.

The Department of Building and Safety regularly updates the EPCOT Building Codes and, in concert with Emergency Services personnel, re-inspects each building within the District on an annual basis to ensure that all emergency systems are operable and that buildings are maintained in accordance with applicable codes.

The Departments of Building & Safety, Planning & Engineering and Emergency Services form a team that results in a coordinated effort to efficiently and effectively make the District a unique and safe community.

For inspection requests, contact the Building & Safety IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, an automated inspection line, at (407) 828-4466. For all other calls, you may contact Building Department at (407) 828-2034.

2023 Supplement to the 2018 EPCOT Building Code Reference Standards