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Use the Dig Permits link for information about requirements relating to any digging or excavation in the District. Know the requirements before you dig!



A.    In accordance with Florida “Underground Damage Prevention and Safety Act” (Chapter 556, Florida Statutes) as administered by Sunshine One Call of Florida, no any entity or individual responsible for any project involving excavating, grading, penetration, or disturbance of the earth’s surface, inclusive of jack and boring, pile-driving, directional drilling, trenching and pipe bursting, within the District shall commence such work within the District until that entity/individual has submitted a Locate Ticket request to Sunshine One-Call and received clearance from the affected utilities.  Refer to http://www.sunshine811.com/.

B.    There are two types of utility locate requests:

  1. Standard Locate requests
    • Used when no portion of the excavation will be underwater
    • Must be submitted between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays
    • Request must be submitted a minimum of two (2) full business days before excavation.  If the excavation site is in an area that is underwater, the request must be submitted 10 full business days before excavation.
  1. Submit request to Sunshine One Call of Florida, Inc. notification system
    1. Call 811 or enter the request via the internet at: Sunshine One Call Website
    2. Write down the Sunshine One Call locate ticket number
  2. Call the Reedy Creek Energy Services (RCES) Utility Locate Office at (407) 824-5992
    1. Provide the Sunshine One Call locate ticket number
    2. Mark up the RCES supplied map to show the limits of excavation
  3. Review the RCES response and notes for utility presence, conflicts, or special conditions.
  4. Check the Sunshine State One Call Positive Response Code to verify that the excavation site is clear or marked of existing utilities by their respective owners prior to beginning excavation

2.       Emergency Locate requests

  • An emergency is defined as any condition constituting a clear and present danger to life or property; a situation caused by the escape of any substance transported by means of an underground facility; any interruption of vital public service or communication caused by any break or defect in a member’s underground facility; or any impairment of public roads or utilities that requires immediate repair, as determined by FDOT or another affected political subdivision.
  • Requests that are submitted where the required response is after 4:00 PM and before 7:00 AM or on a holiday.
  • Work-scheduling problems are not considered an emergency.
  1. Call the RCES Control Room Emergency Number at 407-824-4185. Provide the nature of the emergency and exact location.
  2. Approved excavators can request emergency tickets using Internet Ticket Entry. Excavators not approved for ITE emergency ticket entry must request emergency tickets by calling 811.

C.    During Excavation

  • Protect exposed underground facilities
  • STOP EXCAVATION if an underground facility is contacted (even if there is no noticeable damage) and contact the facility owner directly.
  • Understand tolerance zones.  Locate marks show the approximate location of underground facilities.  The lines can actually be locate anywhere within the tolerance zone.  Proceed cautiously when digging within 24 inches on either side of the locate marks.  If you’re using any mechanized equipment within the tolerance zone, supervision is necessary.

D.   Issuance of a utility locate ticket does not relieve the excavator of the responsibility of exercising due caution for unknown or mislocated underground utilities.

  1. The Utility Locate Ticket shall not be construed as a building permit.
  2. When a utility request an area to be “HAND-DUG” it means HAND DIG ONLY.

E.    The Owner reserves the right to stop excavation at any time for the following reasons:

  1. The Utility Locate Ticket is not present at the work site within the first working day.
  2. The excavation is not in compliance with WDW, RCES or RCID rules and regulations.
  3. The excavation is endangering personnel, equipment or existing utilities.
  4. No restitution will be made for work stoppage for violations of the above-mentioned causes.