Stephanie Kopelousos

Stephanie Kopelousos appointed District Administrator

Glenton Gilzean Jr.

Glenton Gilzean Jr. appointed District Administrator

Board of Supervisors

Governor appoints 5 new board members to Board of Supervisors.

House Bill 9-B

Governor DeSantis signs House Bill 9-B establishing a new state appointed district. Renaming RCID to the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.

Michael Rickabaugh

Michael Rickabaugh appointed acting Director of Building & Safety.

Senate Bill 4-C

Governor DeSantis signs Senate Bill 4-C into law to dissolve Reedy Creek Improvement District effective June 1, 2023.

Jerry Wooldridge

Jerry Wooldridge appointed Director of Building & Safety.

Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan appointed Director of Building & Safety

Stanley Fletcher

Stanley Fletcher appointed Director of Building & Safety.

Tom Moses

Tom Moses appointed Director of Building & Safety.