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Do you plan to engage with the Board of Supervisors to lobby?

In accordance with Resolution No. 641, the District requires lobbyists to register with the District before engaging in any lobbying activities and to re-register annually prior to June 1st each year.  A copy of Resolution No. 641 is available to review at this link.

1. Understand the requirements

All lobbyists must register with the District by completing and filing the required registration form prior to engaging in lobbying activities.  Registered lobbyist must re-register by completing and filing out the registration form each year prior to June 1st.  There is no filing fee associated with registering as a lobbyist.

Lobbying means directly or indirectly communicating with any Board of Supervisors member or with any member of a Procurement Committee to seek to encourage the approval, disapproval, adoption, repeal, rescission, passage, defeat or modification of any action, resolution, agreement, recommendation, decision or other foreseeable action to be made by the Board of Supervisors or by a Procurement Committee.  Lobbying shall include all such communications, regardless of whether initiated by the Lobbyist or another individual and regardless of whether verbal, written or electronic, however, shall not include appearance by a Lobbyist before the Board or Procurement Committee at a duly noticed public meeting.

A lobbyist is any individual, entity or legal counsel who on behalf of another individual, firm, association, business or organization engages in Lobbying activities as defined below. Further, Lobbyist means any principal of any such business entity, or any employee of a principal, when communicating with governmental agencies is a primary or substantial part of the employee’s ongoing job responsibilities.  District officials, employees, attorneys or other consultants operating under an existing contract with the District, District employee union representatives, or representatives of other governmental entities or agencies, acting in that official capacity shall not be considered a Lobbyist for purposes of this policy.

2. Understand the prohibitions on lobbying.

It is prohibited to engage in lobbying activities without first fully completing and submitting the lobbyist registration form.

Regardless if you register to lobby, it is prohibited to engage in lobbying of any Procurement Committee member or Board of Supervisor member on the behalf of a competing party in a particular procurement matter from the time that a Request For Proposals, Request For Letters of Interests, Request for Qualifications, Request For Bids or other formal procurement solicitation is released by the District to the time that the District makes a contract award under such procurement solicitation (“black-out period”). The black-out period does not apply to procurement matters in which no formal solicitation process is being used by the District to select a contractor, vendor, consultant, expert or attorney.

3. Fill out the District’s lobbyist registration form

All information submitted is public record and available for public inspection.

4. File the completed registration form submissions at the Office of the Clerk of District via U.S. Mail or Email at:

Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Attn: District Clerk
1900 Hotel Plaza Boulevard
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Email: districtclerk@oversightdistrict.org