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The Department of Planning and Engineering is comprised of six basic areas: planning, engineering, mapping and graphics, permit compliance, and interagency coordination. They oversee a comprehensive list of responsibilities including:

  • the continuing implementation of the District’s Comprehensive Plan;
  • development and enforcement of the Land Development Regulations;
  • administration of the District’s surface water permits monitoring of all construction related activities; the management and inspection, maintenance and/or improvements to surface water control and roadway facilities;
  • monitoring & direction of mosquito control programs;
  • oversight of land management activities throughout the District intergovernmental coordination activities Planning

CFTOD Comprehensive Plan

Prepared by the Department of Planning and Engineering, the Comprehensive Plan outlines long-range plans for the District, balances the conflicting needs for Flexibility and specificity by using a performance-based approach to planning.

Two growth management tools – development maximums and impact thresholds – coupled with level of service standards, help the District determine the kinds of infrastructure improvements that are needed during the time horizon of the plan. They also help adjacent jurisdictions to plan more accurately, having been made aware of exactly what effects development within the District will have on them.

The staff holds pre-application meetings with project development teams, reviews site plan applications for proposed developments, reviews projected demands for infrastructure to assure concurrency and inspects construction sites to ensure compliance with all planning and environmental regulations. They team with numerous departments and agencies to assure an efficient and highly innovative environment.