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Public Records are documents/information that are sent to, created or received by District staff in connection with District business. All requests for records for the District are coordinated through the Public Records Office.

The District’s preferred method of accepting Public Records Requests is online via their portal called GovQA.

While public records are subject to request by anyone, some information can be exempt by Florida Statute from public disclosure due to the type of document or contents thereof. Should there be exempt items, please allow for redaction and inspection time as permitted by Florida State Statutes.

Per Florida State Statutes 119.07(4)(d) and District policy, fees shall be imposed for single sided copies ($0.15) and double sided copies ($0.20). All other fees are based on actual duplication charges and if an extensive use charge is needed in order to locate or produce your records.

Extensive Use is deemed as more than 30 minutes to work on the request. The charges will vary and shall be based on the lowest available hourly rate plus benefits of the employee producing the work. Requests requiring this charge will be contacted with an estimate prior to starting any work and shall be valid for 14 business days before the request is closed. Once confirmed, payment in full must be provided prior to the work being done and receiving any records. Details on how to provide payment shall be provided at the time of the estimate.

The District is committed to providing records as quickly and efficiently as possible. Regardless of the format or location of records, as requests are entered they are acknowledged immediately through online submittal and given a reference number. The length of time will also depend upon the volume and scope of the request. For example, a request for “any and all records” may take longer to process than a request for specific records. Response time varies based on current staffing and workload, but requests are addressed and answered in the order in which we receive them.

Please note that The Public Records Act does not contain a specific time limit for response, only that which is considered reasonable and does not delay the production of records.

In order to submit a public records request, please access the portal by clicking the link below to be redirected to a new page where you can enter the specific details of the request. Public Records Requests are not required to be in writing, however, it may assist us in processing your request more accurately, quickly and efficiently. If you would prefer, you may also contact the custodian of public records by email or phone using the contact information provided to the right.

If you are requesting a medical report, please fill out the medical release form and have it notarized and returned in order to proceed.

If you are inquiring about emergency medical care or ambulance transport billing records, please note, Reedy Creek Fire Department does not charge a fee for these services. As a result, there are no billing statements that we can provide to you for any incident.