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The District presently owns and operates all utility systems within the District. The systems include wastewater collection and treatment system, a reclaimed water distribution system, an electric generation and distribution system, a solid waste collection and transfer system, a solid waste recycling collections and disposal system, a potable water production and distribution system, a natural gas distribution system, a high temperature hot water system, and a chilled water system. By contract, Reedy Creek Energy Services operates these systems on behalf of the District.

Rates for the individual systems are established at public hearings held by the Board of Supervisors of the District; usually held during the month of September each year.

For information on how to obtain utility services within the District, please see the following Utility Request Fact Sheet brochure (PDF).

To submit a request for service, please use the following form. Utility Service Request Form (PDF)

EmergenciesPhone Number
Contact the Energy Control Center 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week(407) 824-4185
Director of Utility Operations(407) 824-4121
Utility Services - New Service(407) 824-4965
Customer Service and Billing(407) 824-0001
Survey/Mapping/As-Builts(407) 824-5992
Entry and Outage Permits(407) 824-5981
WDW Environmental Permit Office - Potable, Reclaimed and Wastewater Permits(407) 390-5214
Utility Locates(407) 824-5992
Utility Operations
Electrical Systems(407) 824-4990
Chilled Water/Hot Water (Epcot)(407) 560-4990
Chilled Water (Studios)(407) 560-5370
Chilled Water/Hot Water (North Service Area)(407) 824-4891
Natural Gas(407) 560-6050
Potable Water/Reclaimed Water(407) 824-4841
Wastewater Treatment(407) 824-4842
Wastewater Collection/Transmission(407) 824-3447 / (321) 239-7561
Solid Waste/Recycling(407) 824-4415
Environmental Compliance(407) 824-1248